Folded Hands by Børge Bredenbekk

This print is reproduced from a large-scale pencil drawing. With the Folded Hands motif Artist Bredenbekk invites the viewer to interpret. Some see the illustration as a symbol friendship, others see relaxation and calmness while others again see faith, belief or trust. However you see it, this illustration really embodies the idea of an image being worth a 1000 words. This latest version has a clean white background to make the drawing even more graphic and captivating.

Material: Papier 200gr, inklusive Rahmen (Glas & Eiche)

Grösse: 30 x 40 cm

Lieferzeit: 3 - 5 Tage


*Rahmen entspricht nicht Abbildung sondern einem hellen Eichenrahmen mit Glas wie hier


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