Walter Home Stories mit Kristine Christiansen, Jesper & Viggo Gustafsson

Walter Home Stories mit Kristine Christiansen, Jesper & Viggo Gustafsson
In the Walter Home Stories series, we present various personalities and their living spaces.
Walter visits Kristine Christiansen, Jesper & Viggo Gustafsson in Zurich's Kreis 4. 



We are a Danish/Swedish couple with a 3 years old little viking living in Zurich since about 10 years. We both work in the fashion industry, and really love life in Zurich. The city has an international vibe and you are not far from adventures in the mountains.

We bought our apartment in 2018 and had the luxury of designing it from scratch. We designed it with a Scandinavian minimalism and love the calmness of the place. It's very bright and the variations of wood and light textures reminds us of home in the north.

Your two favorite ice creams?
Salty caramel and pineapple/basil from Gelateria di Berna.

If you could time travel, where would you go?

Go to the future and pick up the miracle cure for Covid to end this endless lockdown situation.

Then we would travel to the north and see our families and friends again. 

Your favorite furniture at home?
Definitely our Tiki sofa! It's elegant and timeless, but also very resilient.

Having kids you need a spot to hang where you don't need to worry about stains etc. Most of our family time is spent playing in the living room and the sofa is usually the favorite spot.







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